Ralph Böttcher

land_advokater Ralph Böttcher is an outstanding business man with a keen eye on sound business options which he manages highly professionally and transforms into successful business solutions. Outgoing with a high drive and passion to achieve results and with a great understanding of the importance to understand the innovative synergies in cross border cooperation.
The positive attitude and the direct approach to any situation equals success for Mr. Böttcher and those he works with.
kwa Ralph and his team are working with me as consultants since a couple of years now. From the beginning on I was impressed by his knowledge and competence of his entire team. Most of all I like his solid commitment to his client and the flexibility in thinking. Ralph is one of the few real entrepreneurial thinking consultants and has been a great help and a very nice person to make business with. Ralph, thanks for all and it is a great pleasure working with you!
neas-energy Ralph Böttcher is a reliable and open minded person, with a strong professional network. He is a well known specialist and valuable partner within his area of expertise. It is a pleasure to work with him.
procom “Vi har været kunder hos DanRevision Gruppen siden grundlæggelsen af vores virksomhed i 1998, hvor hr. Böttcher også hjalp os. Den komplette og kompetente rådgivning på mange forskellige områder samt det brede spektrum af rådgivningsydelser gør, at vi oplever, at vi har fået en meget fair og professionel rådgivning. Vi kan altid komme i kontakt med hr. Böttcher og hans medarbejdere, og vi kan kun takke for det arbejde, der indtil videre er blevet gjort for os.”


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